some supercool features

Yes there are plenty. But you don't have to believe, just browse!


separate maps.

Map quizzes for world countries in all 6 populated continents.


preview mode.

The labels of the names of countires of respective continent can be seen in preview mode.


in-game hints.

If the wrong country is chosen, its name blinks for a couple of seconds to give user a hint.


skippable quizzes.

If the player doesn't know the answer, the current question can be skipped.


countdown timer.

A countdown timer for each map quiz to keep the player on his/her toes.


game sounds.

Different sounds to notify user of correct & incorrect attempts


hd zoom.

Maps can be zoomed in and out without loosing any quality and without any device performance hit.


stats & high score.

Stats and High score of each map is shown when game is finished. Best score is saved.

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